Published by KillerS, September 15, 2021


Combo for all classes , enjoy new uptade😁😁


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Published by KillerS, September 11, 2021

KillersMU Season 3 Episode 1🔥 Website: 🔥Group: Forum: ♦ GUILD PACKAGE ♦ ♦ GUILD PACK RULES ♦ !No dummy accounts/characters ( I.P check ) once caught your request will be pending. !Each GUILD requires minimum of 10 Players. !Members must join FACEBOOK GROUP. !Members must join GUILD. !Members must have FULL STATS CHARACTER !! We will do multiple check before we approve your request. (make it sure it's clean) ♠ GUILD PACK FORM ♠ IGN : FB LINK : POSITION : CLASS : ♠ GUILD PACK GEAR ♠ GUILD MASTER & ASSIST GM = VICIOUS SET + FO ITEMS |+Y.O|+ACCESS|+3rd WING|+380 PAIR WEAPON or SHIELD BATTLE MASTER's = HYON F.O +13 |+Y.O|+ACCESS|+3rd WING|+380 PAIR WEAPON or SHIELD ALL MEMBER's = 380 SET F.O |+Y.O|+3ACCESS|+3rd WING|+PAIR WEAPON or SHIELD ADDITION : NO MACE OF KING / DOUBLE CHECK GUILD PACK GEAR & FORM BEFORE YOU MAKE A POST NOTE: Only GUILD MASTER are allowed to request GUILD PACKAGE After we confirm your request, we will call all your members in game and make it sure all players online. THIS LIVE VIDEO IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT USE ONLY NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED

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Published by FANTOMA, September 10, 2021

Monthly Event | TOP VOTER

Greetings to all KMU Players,

We would like to let you know that starting today monthly top voter starts.

How to join?:

1) Don`t forget vote every 12 hours.

2) Don't Use Multi Accounts.

Click this link to check your rank :

Top Voters Rewards

1ST. - 5000 WCOINS
2ND. - 4000 WCOINS
3RD. - 3000 WCOINS
4TH. - 2000 WCOINS
5TH. - 1000 WCOINS
6 - 10 - 500 WCOINS

Every end of month we will reset voters ranking.

Goodluck fellas


KMU Staff Team


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Published by FANTOMA, September 10, 2021


    Greetings to all KMU Players,

    Since our server is newly up we would like to ask your help by inviting players from deffirent countries.

    Each player you invited = reward 🙂


    Invited player must LIKE/SHARE FACEBOOK PAGE

    Invited player must JOIN FACEBOOK GROUP

    Invited player must have LEGIT FACEBOOK ACCOUNT (We will check it)

    Invited player must have 10 RESETS

    Tag your invited player in comment provided with SREEN SHOT with 10 RESETS

    Invited player will also rewarded for accepting your invitation

    ☻ REWARD of each player you invited to play our server = 1K WC

    ☻ REWARD of each player who accept your invitation = 500 WC



  • 🔥Try our new events !!!
  • 🔥For every 60 resets acquiring the grand reset they will give you 4000 coins. (60 Resets = 1 Grand Reset = 4000 coin)
  • 🔥With the new Spirit of Lesser boxes that you can exchange in Davias for full items.
  • You can get the boxes in Chaos Castle, Death Road and Ring of Hell.
  • In Blood Castle, Devil Square Skeleton King and White Wizzard you can get Coins and Jewels.
  • 🔥More events in the game.
  • /addstr 
  • /addagi
  • /addvit 
  • /addene
  • /addcmd
  • /attack 
  • /pick
  • /evo
  • /money
  • /pickset -1 0 1 and after type again /pick that its for pick Jwl
  • 🔥Don`t forget to vote our server .
  • 🔥Join our community and enjoy a good game and very welcoming people.
  • Regards,

    KillersMU Staff Team


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